Welcome to the Tick-borne Diseases Passive Surveillance (TbDPS) public database sponsored by the Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The LMZ has been testing ticks on a fee-for-service basis since Fall 2006. The principal aims of this project have been to:

  1. Provide a not-for-profit, public service alternative to commercial services, and,
  2. Raise awareness of the distribution and risk of ticks and tick borne diseases.

Since 2006, we’ve tested thousands of ticks from across the US (40 states) and Canada. And so by serendipity, we’ve accumulated a one-of-a-kind surveillance database. In the parlance of public health, this is a passive surveillance, i.e. we rely on individuals to send us ticks.

In keeping with our mission to raise awareness and provide a public service, we are making this database available for public view. On succeeding pages, you can query the database to find records of ticks submitted and tested by LMZ. For example, you may begin by entering your zip code to learn whether your neighbors have found and tested ticks.

We hope you’ll find this data useful and we welcome your feedback. If you plan to use these data for analyses or publication, please contact us to discuss the appropriate means of citing the source.