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Order a comprehensive TickReportTM and learn what disease causing microbes the tick may be carrying, including pathogens that cause Lyme disease.

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New Tests Available

We've upgraded our service! Your standard TickReport now includes more tests for all major pathogens. We also have expanded our virus testing to include Powassan (including Deer Tick Virus), Heartland Virus, Colorado Tick Fever Virus, Babesia duncani, Bourbon Virus, Rickettsia parkeri (rickettsiosis) and Rickettsia philipii (Pacific Coast Tick Fever).

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Standard identification and testing for pathogens common to your species of tick, including pathogens that cause Lyme disease, costs $50 per tick.

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2) Send Us Your Tick

Place your tick in a plastic bag and mail it to our lab. It can be sent via USPS, FedEx or UPS. We'll identify it and determine the correct tests to apply. You may also hand deliver your tick to the laboratory. Please see address below.

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3) Receive Results

Your results are securely delivered via email within 3 business days after your tick arrives at our lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my results?

We guarantee results (via email) within 3 business days of receipt of your tick. An email will be sent to you with a private URL. Note: you will also receive email notification when we receive your tick.

Is my information kept private?

Absolutely. Your personal contact information is only used to send your results. Generic information like your tick bite are included in our passive surveillance, but there is no link with personal identity. For example, we may report the number of ticks found on adults aged 21-45 in a given town, but no details of those adults are ever shared. We report these anonymous data is to let other people learn more about risks.

Does insurance cover the cost of my tick test?

We are not aware of any insurance that covers costs of a tick test. TickReport tests assess risk of exposure, and should not be interpreted as medical diagnosis. We commonly compare a tick test to testing your home for dangerous exposures such as radon or keeping a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. Like those examples, our tests are not intended to diagnose disease but to measure risks and provide you accurate information to make informed decisions.

How do I send my tick?

Place the tick inside a sealed package (preferably zipper lock bag) with a small, damp (not soaking) piece of paper towel. Then place the zipper lock bag in an envelope of your choice (we recommend a bubble envelope if you have one on hand). There is no need to add any alcohol or preservative, but if you already have done so, don’t worry. Clearly label the bag and envelope with your name and five-digit TickReportTM order number.

Is my tick too old to test?

Ticks can be stored for months (even years) under a variety of conditions and can still be tested. Our method (qPCR) detects nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) of the pathogen. DNA in particular is very stable for long periods of time. There are conditions that are unfavorable to preservation of DNA (such as soaking in bleach), but these are rare. Each TickReportTM includes a validation to determine that the nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) has been preserved and that the specimen is testable.

Is there a way to rush my test results?

Every tick we receive is treated with utmost care. We recognize that every tick is a priority for the individual who sent it. Ticks are tested in the order received. We perform tests as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of the results.