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TickReport™ will test the tick you submit using highly specific and sensitive methods for detecting the presence or absence of DNA or RNA associated with disease causing pathogens. These tests are not intended to provide clinical diagnosis of disease, nor should they be interpreted as a substitute for clinical testing or consultation with a physician. Once your tick has been processed it cannot be returned to you, but the extracted nucleic acids will be retained in our archive, and you may order further tests on the specimen at any time in the future. TickReport™ does not practice medicine, nor does it provide medical advice. Tick tests provide accurate assessment of the tick's infection status, which is one factor in determining risk of exposure to disease-causing microbes.

Results from your tick test are useful in determining the timing, location, and abundance of infected ticks. Accordingly, we share this information with the public and health agencies that may request it. The shared data is completely anonymous. TickReport™ protects the identity of the individual bitten by or submitting the tick. Personally identifiable information about the submitter (street address, phone number, etc.) is used only for the purpose of processing payment and communicating results.

TickReport™ provides this service for a fee. These fees provide funds to support personnel, equipment, and materials related to tick testing and research on tick-borne disease. Because these tests are not recognized as clinical evidence, they are not typically covered by medical insurance, even though your physician may recommend having the tick tested.

Ordering a TickReport™ also opts users into a mailing list that is used to provide updates on testing options and occasionally to invite users to participate in testing with clinical partners. All follow-up services are completely optional and would start with a new opt-in signup. TickReport™ users can remove themselves from any mailing list at any time by emailing us at or by using the unsubscribe links included in any message. PRIVACY POLICY

Your privacy is as important as the accuracy and transparency of our science. TickReport™ never sells your contact or personal identifying information to partners, sponsors, or anyone else outside of our organization.