Important Notice

For the second time this year, our lab staff members are being compelled to take mandatory work furloughs alongside other staff across the university. Accordingly, the University of Massachusetts is suspending TickReport service effective on 1-December-2020 @ midnight. At this time new order processing on our website will be suspended until further notice

Orders made prior to this shutdown and already in transit will be processed in a timely fashion as they arrive in the lab. Results of all completed TickReports and other resources will remain available on the web site at TickReport.com. We are working to restore TickReport to normal operation within a few weeks, and our home page will reflect any updates as they become available. We are committed to securing a long-term solution that will prevent the types of interruptions in operations we have experienced in 2020.

Dr. Stephen M. Rich
Professor of Microbiology
University of Massachusetts